GP-Grip + Jeep Wrangler

Jeep enthusiast review

It is very well made! These are pretty creative grab handles for our Jeeps! Really cool and unique design.
From Overclock3D CPO’s Youtube channel


Highly recommended. This is by far the coolest grab handle and most functional one that I’ve ever been around and I’m pretty pumped about it.
From Freedom Crawler Youtube channel


I review not one, two, but three different grips for your JEEP JK. It’s time for a new look and feel for Jeep grab handles and GPCA does just that.
From Jeep Roc Youtube channel



Amazing! The quality is fantastic even to the detail.
From Blacked out Jeep Wrangler Youtube channel


I love the feel of it. It feels solid. The other ones I had just flop around like crazy, it broke on my passenger one. These ones I really trust, I can put my body weight on it. Getting in and out, super easy. Love the product!
From NotaRubicon Youtube channel

GPCA®  GP-Grip Jeep Wrangler grab handle

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